The Stables Bar

(08) 6314 1300 | bookings | 888 Hay St, Perth WA 6000 | Map
Near Shafto Lane, Tokyo Underground and Jean Pierre Sancho
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Monday to Saturday, 11am – late
Sunday – open exclusively for weddings and private events


Best time to go: Upstairs, on the balcony, for a midweek sunny lunch and cheeky tipple… anywhere on a Friday night, for some seriously decent cocktails and atmosphere.

First Date?

Come for sunset on a weeknight. Choose some tapas to share and enjoy comparing cocktails. Friday and Saturday nights are fun and full of life, if you don’t mind a little less conversion and a little more action…

*The Low Down (care of The Stables Bar): The Stables Bar takes its name from its historic use as one of Perth’s original horse stables. The landmark property was purchased by J.Butterworth in 1894, and the construction of his residence and horse stables followed. A new section was added in 1898 to house a farm and hardware supply store.

The Stables Bar is located at the end of a small Hay Street laneway, and features two levels of bar and restaurant area, and an outdoor second-level bar with views across the city skyscrapers. The separation from the roadside means that customers are immediately transported away from the bustle of central Perth, to a landscaped oasis that provides a perfect environment for socialising.

Drinks: The Stables has a tempting list of house creations, ready to satisfy on a summer day. I was in the mood for the classics so I chose two cocktails that would complement my menu.

Gin Sour
Gin Sour

Gin Sour – gin, lemon, sugar & froth | For the first time, I was offered with or without the egg white. Fabulous. This sour ticked all the boxes… a beautiful meringue-y head, clean and fresh and a healthy kick of lemon. I also pushed it up a notch and went for the Hendricks over the house Gin. Perfection.

Espresso Martini – vanilla vodka, kahlua, butterscotch liqueur, fresh espresso| This is an absolute staple for most bars, however each likes to put their own spin on it. The Stables adds Butterscotch Liqueur to balance the strong fresh espresso brewed for each cocktail. I loved the long finish the butterscotch added to this classic.

Food: Chef Ben Keal was trained in the South of France and it really shows in the menu. All sauces and condiments are housemade and the flavours are exceptional.

Smoky Bay Oysters | Plump, fresh and clean, these babies didn’t need the accompaniments. I loved how rich they were and felt 3 was perfect for a lunch starter.

I do however, prefer my oysters naked.

Shark Bay Crab Linguini – Smoked cherry tomato, basil, shaved bottarga| I actually said wow out loud while eating this (and by myself no less!). Presentation was understated, allowing the food to do the talking. Pasta was fresh and al dente. Sauce… wow… that sauce. A hit of chilli on the back of the palate, smoky in the middle and a little fresh heat on the tip. The bottarga was the perfect choice to season the dish and not overpower the delicate crab. So delicious, I will be back for this again soon.

Shark Bay Crab Linguini
Shark Bay Crab Linguini

The Stables Wagon Wheel – Bahen organic dark chocolate, strawberry, marshmallow| Beautiful and de constructed, this dessert had pockets of flavour. Strawberry jam sorbet was exactly as you would hope. Sweet and jammy. This was fabulous with the rich and luscious chocolate ganache and cute, light and fluffy marshmallows. Very ripe, fresh strawberries gave the dish a good kick of acidity and the chocolate crumb bound everything together well. This was a real treat and beautiful with my Espresso Martini.

Experience: Bright and beautiful. This gorgeous converted stable got me in the mood for a luscious and lazy long lunch. I picked my favourite spot in the sun, with a view over the balcony and into the garden. Service was prompt and all staff lovely and informative. There were 3 functions happening in the other areas of The Stables (upstairs dining room and in the garden) and all staff were relaxed and in control. I really enjoyed the mixed demographic and felt welcome in any area. The venue itself is heritage listed and has its original structure and timber. The touches and design were beautiful and ornate with strong featured light fixtures, balanced with the lush greenery.

Insider Info: No Dinner Service or dinner reservations on Friday nights as it’s super busy. Get in early for afternoon tapas and keep your spot! Don’t stress if you haven’t made a booking on other evenings too – 40% of capacity is saved for walk ins and is never booked out. The venue has been open since 2013 and can hold a solid 90pax on the level. Prince Harry visited the Stables Bar when the Royal Family was in Perth, where he devoured an entire dessert tasting plate.

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