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Last week I was invited to attend the Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm launch in Perth. After taking in their gorgeous store, I knew I had to let you fabulous people of Perth know what a lovely experience was.

However before you read on, I urge you to read this aloud or in your head, in an accent

With apologies to Noel Coward… you were my inspiration.


Pottery Barn is simply fabulous dahling! You must come and touch their textiles and gorgeous foofy furnishings.

I went to a marvellous party…. and sashayed my way through the boutique, as part of the VIP clique. That’s right… I was on the list. Stephanie (apologies for the possible misspelling) was the first through the door. You see Stephanie was also the first through the Sydney store and she was invited to be the first once again. What a lucky little cricket.

The store was warmly lit and we (the VIPs… ) were welcomed with equal warmth. The staff were very accommodating and shone with pride as we perused and admired the beautiful settings.

I couldn’t help but reach out and feel the lambswool cushions with every passing. Fingers intertwined with the soft and generous coat.

Statement pieces caught my eye…as they should. I was particularly taken by a gorgeous light fixture, an oversized lamp and a rich and luscious dark leather couch. Perfect for a sitting room, a nip of scotch… away from the help.

Now I’m going to tell you a little secret.

You see…

Terraria…  are very much the coming thing.

They are all the rage at the Country Club and it would seem that someone let Pottery Barn in on this circle of confidence. So while these beautifully crafted vessels are not known by the hoi polloi, you must come and procure one. It would look particularly good by the chesterfield in your drawing room. Just remember to let the help know to water your new adornment.

Can you imagine what the lunching ladies would say if they saw a droopy willow in your abode? Oh the embarrassment!

After being a served a wonderfully strong coffee and given a very generous giftbag, I made my way outside to listen to the speakers and inspect the store attendants. On first glance, the store help were a just a mix of people who seemed to be standing around. However, the excitement slowly gilded their faces and the comradery felt very strong among them.

Staff (14)



The ribbon cutting was a wonderful sight and the team seemed delighted at the thought of being able to finally show their hard work to the public.

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