Good Food and Wine Show 2015 [wrap up]

Tipples, nibbles and giggles.

Perth Good Food and Wine Show is one of the biggest foodie events that hits our town and I always jump in head first to devour its delights.

Each year the show adapts and changes to reflect the feedback from the previous event. The first thing I noticed in 2015 is that the lighting was “moody” and warm. Perfect to compliment the gusty, cold weather outside. However due to the various lighting throughout the PCEC, I found it difficult to take a good snap now and again. A small qualm and certainly not important…

As I toddled through the romantically lit showroom, I noted there was a lot more space and room to breathe. The Good Food and Wine Show is becoming increasingly popular so traffic flow is very important. Friday moved freely and was easy to navigate – though it was the busiest Friday expo day I have seen.

Saturday I found very tight. Easier and more free flowing than last year, but still quite difficult to navigate. Hoping they can continue to tweak the layout and try to squeeze some more space through the heavier areas – Barossa and Cheese Alley in particular.

The theatre is always a huge draw card and this year I took in 3 Chefs. George Calombaris, Paul West and Anna Gare.

George Calombaris

The Greek God George was professional, approachable and fabulous… flitting about the kitchen and showing just how natural he can be in his element.

Anna Gare

Anna was gorgeous and as stood proud as a strong lady in the kitchen. I always love her stage presence and story telling… going off on tangents and getting distracted. Mostly for her own amusement. Absolutely captivating.

Paul West

Paul West. Only 1 word to describe this man…. Hilarious. His real, down to earth (literally) cooking is only half the story… I truly feel like this man is a solid showman and could easily hold his own in a stand up comedy show:

“Booed off stage like I’m some cheap radish.”

“Get your brocs off”

“Maybe a fish skin suit has some merit… ?”

“It’s better to eat whale than Blue Fin Tuna.”
(taken out of context here… there was no seriousness to this comment)

Now the food… oh the food! So many things I tasted and loved. Hard to keep track and pick favourites… but there are a few honourable mentions:

  • Chewy Mooey
  • Smelly Cheese Company
  • Amici Fine Foods
  • Tuckers
  • Bare
  • Ding The Recipe


Maison & Honore (4)



Bare (2)


Grandvewe (5)


Riki (5)

This year I saw such an increase in the beer, cider and spirits… which suits me perfectly! Being all over the Shiraz I would normally attack my palate with rich, full bodied red… making it difficult fully appreciate the subtleties of lighter drops. I decided to avoid the red and only go for less crimson tipples.

Some favourites:

  • Australian Brewery Pale Ale
  • Coldstream Brewery Apple Cider
  • Jinro Chamisul Soju
  • Maxwell Spiced Mead (served hot)


Coldstream (4)



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