Award Winning Scones & The Big Bethanie Bake Off Grand Final

Kids in the kitchen, old family recipes and a surprisingly practical use for tinned corned beef. The Big Bethanie Bake Off Grand Final at the Have A Go Day in Burswood Park, was full of fun, sunshine and incredible smells wafting from the competition pavilion.

The Finalists


  • Susan Joy | Banana Bread
  • Jessie Rowe | Lemonade Scones
  • Kerry Bell | Orange Cake
  • Michelle Edmonds | Grandma’s Apple Pie


  • Joshua Wenz | Hazelnut Cake
  • Denae Civich | Carrot Cake Muffins
  • Molly Urwin | Panackelty
  • Faith Whitaker | Wholemeal Pancakes

The finalists (four kids and four seniors) were armed with well loved recipes and heart warming origin stories to boot. It was great to see such a variety of dishes and confidence from the contestants.

The Judges

These fabulous chefs were matched up on stage and created their dishes in front of a crowd of very hungry food voyeurs (including myself!). Watching them do their thing was awesome… all cooks (and their helping hands) were completely focussed and genuinely excited about cooking for the judges.

The Presenters

To help us brave the heat, the ever gorgeous emcee Verity James was the perfect distraction. Engaging us with silly stories, warming up the contestants and even managing to get the Special Guest helper (Beauty Pageant Winner, Elise Nazzari) to strut her stuff down the “catwalk”. Brilliant. Tony Simpson was a fantastic host as well, presenting awards and interviewing the chefs with his charm.

The Winners

Best Kid: Molly Urwin | Panackelty

Best Senior: Kerry Bell | Orange Cake
Champion: Jessie Rowe | Lemonade Scones


The judges absolutely raved about everyone’s food and were impressed with the beautiful presentation…

A crowd favourite was Kerry Bell. An absolute fire cracker and full of life and frivolity. The judges were taken with her personality and were pleasantly surprised by the use of a whole orange in the Orange Cake recipe. I certainly took inspiration from this lovely lady and have been blitzing whole oranges in my recipes since.

Kerry Winner

Molly Urwin had an unusual, yet traditional European dish dating back to her Great Grandfather. Much to Verity’s (hilarious) dismay, the core ingredient was tinned corned beef. Yep. TINNED corned beef. One of the judges took to the dish like mum’s home cooking – recalling times growing up and eating something similar. All seemed to be surprised at the delicious comfort food and this little ripper won Molly “Best Kid”.

Molly Winner

The Champion of the day was one of the first dishes to be made and with only 3 simple ingredients. Jessie Rowe turned the humble scone into something special, by using cream, lemonade and self raising flour. The judges gushed and praised… making the crowd murmur in jealousy. I heard 3 people say they wanted to make them at home… and I decided I would do the same.

Jessie Winner

So last weekend, I whipped up a batch for my 90 year old nanny and paired it with some homemade orange marmalade (complete with a whole blitzed orange). I made the mixture a little too sticky and added a bit of flour to kneed… but this lead to the scone not rising as much as it should. There was a delicious crusty outside and soft inner… but I would have liked a little more height. Absolutely delicious though. Next time I will trust the recipe and not work the dough so much. Lesson learned.

If you want to make any of the recipes or read about the finalists, check out this link: Big Bethanie Bake Off Recipe Book

Kristy Leigh Scone

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