A New Start…

After 7 years of blogging, reviewing, sharing and posting, I have come to the decision to close down Kristy Leigh as a blogger / reviewer and business and refocus my attention on life and living it in the moment.

While it has been a blast reviewing, attending events and sharing experiences with you all, the workload can be a little much when you have a full time job and wanting to balance family + hobbies + downtime.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me through my journey from casual blogger to foodie reviewer – right through to becoming a Chef. You have been absolutely amazing and I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all.

A big thank you to the PR Companies, Event Managers, Restaurant Owners, Bloggers and So Perth; who have given me the opportunity to do what I do and write about what I love!


If you are still keen on keeping up with my adventures at events, arcade gaming, foodie posts, animal spam and other adventures, please feel free to follow my instagram or twitter.

I plan on going back to my roots and for this website and converting it back into a recipe directory (which is what it started out as in 2010), but all reviews and other content will still be available in an archive for you to access if you wish 



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